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General Information

Finger size differs on the left and right hand. Please decide what hand and finger you would like to wear your ring on before taking the measurement. Temperature can have a big influence on the finger size, so please avoid measuring in very hot or very cold weather. 

Ring Size Chart

If you already have a ring that fits the finger you would like to wear your new ring on, please download the following chart and follow the instructions. This method is very useful if you would like to purchase a gift for someone else. Download chart here.

Free Ring Sizer

If you don't have a suitable ring that you can measure, you will receive a free ring sizer that you can use to determine your size. This offer is only valid for customers in Australia, and you have to purchase the ring first via the online shop. Please use the "Additional Information" box during checkout to state that you would like to receive a ring sizer first.

Hmmm... Still not sure? Please don't hesitate to send a message and I'll gladly help you out! If you are in Melbourne, you can visit me at the studio to get your ring size measured. I always carry a ring sizer with me at markets, so please stop by and ask me about it. Alternatively, you can also check with your local jewellery store to get your ring size measured.