Atelier Nómada

Contemporary Jewellery Design


Studio image captured by: Alina Golovachenko Photography

Studio image captured by: Alina Golovachenko Photography


It all started when...

Hi there, I'm Flavia Barar, the creator and maker behind Atelier Nómada. Originally from Brasov, in the heart of Romania, I followed a career in Architecture and Urban Design. My journey has brought me to Germany, Mexico and Colombia before arriving to Melbourne,  Australia. 

It all started when I first arrived in this beautiful country, that I decided to give jewellery design a go. I had no idea I won't be able to imagine my life without it a few months later. The decision to make it my full time job  and become an independent designer came easy. Rather than a career change, I like to see it as an extension of my portfolio and design skills.

What is Atelier Nómada all about? 

atelier [əˈtɛlɪeɪ/] - noun - a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

nomad [ˈnəʊmad/] - noun - any wanderer; itinerant. 

You've probably already guessed it - it's the wandering studio! I consider myself a modern nomad, having lived away from my place of birth for more than ten years. And every place I've had the luck to experience, has left a mark on my personal and artistic self. 

For the love of Art!

My jewellery and object designs are an embodiment of this journey, and brought to life in precious metals as wearable pieces of art. Following design principles that I learned in architecture school, I use composition, clusters and experimental form/function principles to combine with traditional and innovative metal working techniques. All of this made by hand, with passion and dedication.